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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

We use stripe as a payment processor and crypto.   A Influencer / Athlete specifies which they like and the sponsor can pay either way.   

Athletes and Influencers have a monthly fee.  You can recoup that monthly fee of 10 dollars by promoting SI vie our promotional library where you can choose between posting and recording a short video.  

Once you have booked an Activity, if for some reason that Activity does not complete, the full amount charged will be put back into your Source Impact Account balance for use on a future Activity. You may use that credit for any purchases on the Site until such time as the credit is fully redeemed. You may only use your credit for a purchase of the exact amount or an amount lower than the credit available. Any purchase over the amount of credit you have available will be charged in full to your payment method

Sponsor Deal fees are calculated at process of the payment..  Payment goes into escrow until the Deal has been completed by the Athlete / influencer.  At the time of submission SI will add a 10% fee to the payment.  If you are paying via a credit card you will be charged the standard Stripe rate and if you are paying via crypto then you will be responsible for the “gas” fees.  

If your business if interested in a more complex marketing campaign reaching across multiple influencers.  Please reach out to us directly and we can discuss packages available within our NETWORK

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